Other Dreams

I try to find meaning in dreams and yet some people would say meaning is something which is ascribed. It may indeed be ascribed but not necessarily by our conscious mind but in the collective subconscious and thus does point to a connectivity among us. Anyway, I'm interested in exchanging dream experiences and speculation on what they might mean.

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Other Dreams

Post by Nanook » Mon Oct 29, 2018 4:27 pm

When I was a young person, a child, teenager, and even young adult, the vast majority of my dreams I still had my own identity, it was clearly me living my life even if my experiences might be different than waking.

The last few years my dreams have changed radically to where they are rarely me being me, they are me living some entirely different life. About the only characteristic I seem to retain is my sex, I am always male in these dreams, but not much else.

Often they seem to be me in some parallel universe, I am in Seattle but it's not Seattle, there are hills where there are not in Seattle, Lake Washington is missing, sometimes the Puget Sound is missing, in short there are structural geographical differences that could make it an entirely different planet, yet there are familiar places like Seattle only they are different.

The last couple of days I've snapped back to having dreams of my life, last night I had three different dreams working in the telephone company where I worked from 1978-1995. However, I never got very involved with #5ESS switching technology except from the software side, how to fix the database when translations folks broke it, but in these dreams I was more heavily involved with it's regular maintenance and the dreams were projected into the future when the technology had evolved significantly from the time I was involved.

The specifics of how the technology had changed in particular involved the central computer that controlled the beast, a Western Electric model 3B20D running Unix RTR. The 'D' in the computer model stands for Duplex meaning there were two CPUs running in step with matching circuitry and if there was a mismatch diagnostics would be run to determine which CPU had failed and remove it from service. The RTR stood for real-time reliable which meant it was a Unix that had a very low latency kernel so it could respond to events essentially in real time, and it talked to this matching circuitry and duplex hardware in such a way that it would remain running even in the event of a CPU failure.

When I was involved, this computer involved shelves of circuit packs, many, to form the entire computer. But in my recent dreams the entire CPU had been fit into a box about 14" cubical with maybe half a dozen circuit packs, and the entire box was easily removable to be serviceable. In short it used a much higher level of integration in the integrated circuits allowing for functionality to be significantly reduced, heat production reduced, and operating speed significantly increased.

Tried to find a good image of what the 3B20D or it's replacement the 3B21D looked like but all I can find is #1AESS stuff, the previous generation. Anyway, suffice it to say it looked a lot more compact and advanced in these dreams as if I were seeing an alternate of what would have happened if I had not left in 1995, but truth be told it just wasn't a happy place for me.

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