Mail Server Configuration Changes

     I have made several changes to mail server configurations and DNS that should reduce spam and viruses.

  • No mail will be accepted to via any of the mail servers.
  • SPF records are now published for  This should prevent forgeries since SPF records are checked on all of our servers.
  • The issue which prevented the clamav anti-virus database from being updated has been repaired.
  • Fail2ban was not starting on mail allowing that machine to be used for brute force password guessing attacks.  This has been fixed.

Mail Server Operational and Current

      I have restored from backups, re-applied all of the updates between the time it was backed up and current, and still it continues to operate.  I do not know what broke the init system but it is presently all current again and yet running okay.  I will be taking the system down again about 20 minutes around midnight to make a backup with all the updates in place.

Mail Down – Being Repaired

     The client mail server is currently down being restored from backup.  For reasons I am unable to identify, the init start up script fails to parse the entire /etc.rc.d/rc5.d directory stopping just before postfix even though if I run the scripts they run fine.

     I am restoring the server from backups which I hope will resolve the problem.  Expected downtime is about 20 minutes.  Mail should be functional by 8:20PM Pacific Time.


Client Mail Server Issues

     Something broke the init system of such that necessary things are not being started on the client mail server when it boots.  No cron jobs ran for some period of time and this caused the anti-virus database not to get updated.  This would have made it possible for a virus to propagate from one infected customers computer to another.  Mail may be interrupted for short intervals as I will need to perform a number of reboots to test and get the start-up logic straightened out.

Network Maintenance Oct 24th 00:01-04:00am

ISOMEDIA will be performing network maintenance on Wednesday October 24th 2018 from 12:01AM PST to 04:00AM Pacific Time. The work being performed is not expected to be service affecting. As a precaution, please ensure that your Internet equipment is performing no critical updates, backups, or other activities over your connection during this time frame.

iSOMEDIA is the provider of our co-location rack where our Internet servers are located.

Kernel Upgrades Completed

     Work is done, upgrades finished, verified proper NFS mounting and NIS binding on all machines.  I had to restart the NFS server that houses home directories twice because the new kernel did not install completely. Postfix on mail neglected to start because I had to force a reboot which did not remove the postfix pid file.  But other than that, all went reasonably smoothly.


     Mint is re-installed and Android Studio is now available on it as well but most of the other applications are not yet in place, mail is not configured, etc.  This will take a couple of days.